Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Purge for a week in damp weather!

I planned to make a snail meal, and put a number to purge for 2 days. They were all inside their shells when I took them to cook. BUT they were not all sealed with an operculum. As I washed them prior to putting into boiling water, some started emerging from their shells. These I returned to the vivarium, and only cooked those that were fully asleep. I think it was the warm damp weather that kept them from dormancy. In future I will leave them for longer, a week should be fine, I have seen recommended before. The meal was good!
The snails I chose were not the biggest, as I decided to breed from them. I have two breeding setups, but so far, I have seen no sign of lovemaking. But they hopefully get it together when I'm asleep!