Monday, July 16, 2012


     Q:  What about slugs?
    To take your question seriously:
When John Sergeant asked me that for the One Show, I answered something like, “Well, they are related, so they’re probably alright, but I don’t fancy them myself.”  I later heard that Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall rose the challenge on a TV program, and came up with:
            There is recipe on how to prepare and cook them, and 3 other recipes for slugs.
  I liked the suggestion by HFW about killing slugs by putting them in the freezer.  You could do the same with snails, maybe kinder?  It’s the slime of slugs which takes time and effort.  Snails are not nearly so slimy!
            This appallingly wet weather is wonderful for snails.  If you want to eat some, first prepare a suitable container like a bucket.  Keeping them in is a challenge.  They won’t cross copper, so a band round the tope should keep them in, I haven’t tried that.  See the slideshow for how I’ve done it.  Give them dry stones or broken clay flowerpots, to give them some to attach themselves to.  No water, there’s enough in the atmosphere.  Collect the bigger ones and put them in, wel secured, but allow air exchange.  You need at least 6 per person. Leave them in their bucket until they’ve hidden inside their shells and made a thin membrane across the hole of the shell.  A week is plenty of time, less may be enough.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Collecting, eating and cooking snails go to March Archive

For the original information on collecting and eating garden snails, and how to prepare them for cooking --
you need to go the to MARCH  in the archive list on the right of the page.